Some of the Best Brands On Google+

Not really sure if Google+ is for your business.  You need to reconsider as Google+ is giving Facebook a serious run for it’s money.  Here are just a few of the brands worth copying on Google+:

1. Red Bull

The first thing you’ll notice about Red Bull’s Google+ page is the animated “scrapbook” photo strip across the top of the page, which shows a cyclist spinning slowly in midair, perhaps amped up on the company’s signature energy drink.

That feature makes other name brand pages look almost stodgy, but the rest of the “Posts” page keeps the energy flowing with frequent posts, many of which embed videos of company-sponsored high-adventure events, which no doubt is exactly what its page fans want.

2. Mashable

Mashable’s Google+ page is a model for anybody in the information-sharing or content-marketing business because it combines a robust collection of fresh content and thoughtful exploration of just about every service or tool Google+ offers.

Page admins post content frequently and usually add a bit of fresh copy to introduce material recycled from the Mashable website. The page also takes creative license with the “scrapbook” photo strip across the top of the content well and includes plenty of pictures on its Photos tab.

3. Dell

The feature most worth copying on Dell’s Google+ page is its helpful “About” tab, one that many other big brands populate with boilerplate copy or ignore altogether.

Dell’s “About” tab:

  • Avoids corporate-speak in its mission statement
  • Provides essential contact info
  • Invites visitors to connect with the company on its many social networks (multiple Twitter and Facebook sites, Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare and LinkedIn as well as the Dell blog and company website).

4. Williams-Sonoma

This specialty retailer offers a good demonstration of repurposing standard catalog photos into something fresh and useful on a different site.

Many of the photos accompany short Google+ posts that feature recipes using food or kitchen products the company sells. It’s like having a virtual recipe box on a single web page.

We wish the recipe links in the photos were clickable, but you can copy the URLs into a browser address form to reach the original content on the website.

Our Po!nt:  Facebook Beware!  Google+ is on its way.  Share your favorite Google+ sites and why your like them here now.

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