What Are Your Expectations of Web Designers?

I was at a networking function for the International Business Academy, LLC recently and part of our speaker’s table top exercise was to go around the table and each person ask this question, “What expectations do you have of a ____________  that you would  do business with?’.  As we went around the table it was very revealing to me as to what the business community thought of each others industries.  When it was my turn I asked the question, “What expectations do you have of a web development firm that you would do business with?”  I have to admit that the answers were very to the point and interesting enough riddled with emotion that was prompted from many bad experiences with so called professionals in our industry.  The strong emotionals revealed in their answers was something I was surprised by. Here are some of their comments:

I like to get a website that works! This person was on her third web developer and interviewing a fourth after our breakfast meeting in hopes she could find someone that would get her site to function properly and her shopping cart to at least take orders consistently.  You could tell from her voice she was frustrated to say the least since her company’s future growth depended on her website working 24/7.
I would like to find someone that I can depend on for support and ongoing ideas to help me grow. That seems to be the general consensus of those at the table.  They all wished they could get prompt support when they needed it.  Many commented that when they went back to their original web person they were no where to be found.  As to getting new ideas to help them grow, many designers are notorious for the statement, “Tell me what you want and I’ll create it!”  What’s the point?  If all our clients knew what they wanted they wouldn’t need us.  Most of the time our customers have no clue how all of this technology works nor do they care, they just want ongoing ideas that will drive sales and grow their brand online.  In our opinion that the fun part of our job, helping companies grow by discussing how you can use technology to create an affinity with your brand!
I’d like to have a design that was unique, simple and clean instead of some template? While templates are good for those on very, very tight budgets, there is nothing like having a custom designed site done that is specific to your needs, customers and is simple in design and navigation.  We have found that with our simple, clean designs we can make any company look like a million bucks for far less than they might think.
I’d like to find a developer that will design my site so it’s flexible and expandable as I grow. Great web development firms always make this a priority.  If you don’t hear that your new website will be flexible and expandable long term from your current web development company’s lips when it’s time for a strategic makeover, run to get help immediately!!  As a business owner myself, I have to get long term value from every investment I make.  I’m drive to make sure our clients get the same.

I was surprised to hear these complaints from the various companies at the table but what they were concerned and frustrated about most are the sort of services we commit to do every day with our customers.  Our mission is simple!  “Make sure that your company’s brand is IN demand 24/7 on the World Wide Web.”  By creating simple and compelling websites that work all of the time, constantly sharing unique strategies that build relationships with your site visitors and your company’s brand of products, we make sure you get a great return on your investment long term.

By the way, over coffee after breakfast we all got to talking and sharing about some really great ideas that all of us have been using successfully to grow our brands online.  If you ‘d like to find out more about those ideas just email me at mark@csmediagroup.com and I’ll send you a copy of my notes.

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