What Is The Web Saying About You?

If you were to go the web now and search on your name you may get bits and pieces about who you are, your professional successes and what your business is all about.  But the information is often time fragmented and often time not quite accurate.

Have you ever wanted to just add a line or two to a posting on the Internet about you related to you to make it sound better but were unable to get in touch with the one that posted your information to make some changes?

What if you could have complete control of what you want the web to say about you?  In your words and with your facts!  By having control of what the Web is saying about you it is the only way I know you can build your own personal brand  the only other way would be to go through the time and expense of building your own personal website.  as busy professionals we don’t necessarily have the time or the knowledge to create such a site.  Now that has all changed!

Cornerstone Media Group and qAlias have team up to provide you with a way to get your name number one in Google and Yahoo that combined is being used over 75% of the time by people wanting to know more about you before they do business.

A real advantage of qAlias is that you can send a personalized bulletin that presents a focused, effective message to your family, friends and more importantly customers right from your profile about anything you want, as often as you want.  This is a great way to stay in touch with your customers when your business has an announcement.  Depending on the size of your company (50 person minimum) we can even customize the background to reflect your brand and company’s image.  From your own personal bio to your business card online you are taking control of what the Web is saying about you at qAlias.

If you are a soon to be college grad or looking for a new job you can post your resume for downloading 24/7 from your profile on qAlias.  It can be downloaded by anyone searching for innovative people they are looking for to fill some of the best jobs in the world.

For more information visit the qAlias website.  Hey!  Just Google me, Mark Treager to see just a small sample of the sort of personal results you can achieve using the amazing technology from qAlias.

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