Artificial Intelligence Has Come To The Whopper!!

AI is now being used to sell hamburgers!  Awesome! Just under three hours after Burger King unveiled a new advertisement designed to hijack your Google Home to read a long-winded description of its Whopper burger, Google has disabled the functionality. It was fun/horrifying while it lasted!

For the first time, you are seeing how a simple voice command can be used to provoke an ad to promote a product.  This sort of stuff will be happening more and more as we have our voice-activated Google Home, Alexa and more devices that will use our voice to order, find, pay for and archive the stuff we need to run our every day lives.

AI is going to be the next big thing in impacting our lives and the way companies will market their products.  And yes the day when the robots take over is coming! Stay tuned as will bring you more as the robot revolution develops.

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