Is Your Email Marketing Considered SPAM?

Is your email marketing considered SPAM? – A good question to ask your marketing department

With the growth of the internet, email marketing has become an increasingly popular medium for getting the word out there about your businesses. But, as more and more businesses turn to email marketing, email recipients are getting more and more fed up with the relentless attacks on their inbox.

Unwanted email from your business, falling into the right hands, can be a marketing nightmare. PR channels throughout the internet are becoming tighter and more interwoven, and a little bad press on your email marketing campaign can mean serious retaliation from a group of people who abhor spam.

So whatshould your do?  Email marketing is still a viable marketing technique, but it just needs to be approached with a good healthy dose of caution. Below are some tips on how to get the most from your email marketing campaign:

1. Ask before sending email marketing material

How do you know if someone is willing to recieive your marketing email?   All you have to do is ask, plain and simple. This limits the number of people you can send marketing email to, but it also insures that the ones you do send something to are warm to the idea.

The best way to ask is via a checkbox on a web site form. You can include it in your shopping cart checkout form, in your online newsletter sign-up form, or your “contact us” form.

2. Allow potential email marketing recipients to opt-in

People, on the whole, don’t like their hand forced when it comes to making choices online. To avoid this, make sure to leave the “Send me marketing emails” check box unchecked in forms. This means that in order for a potential recipient to receive emails, they need to distinctly choose to check the box.

3. Allow recipients to unsubscribe

It’s important with any kind of mailing list you maintain, that you give recipients the option of unsubscribing from the list any time they want. This usually comes as a link towards the bottom of a marketing email that says something like “click here to unsubscribe”.

In conclusion, email marketing can still be a very useful marketing medium, but in today’s world it must be approached with some caution. As a principle, make sure your reciepients really want to get the email you send, and your campaigns will be more effective.

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