5 Steps To Get Business Reviews

Reviews From CustomersWe are asked all the time how can companies improve presence online and more exposure/buzz about what the business is doing. From storefront to online let’s face it, you want people talking about you!  Here are 5 suggestions to do just that:

1. If you have a storefront, you can often get stickers from the review sites. All you have to do is contact them. Place these  stickers in your storefront window so your customers know where they can find you online.  You will be surprised what that will do to draw traffic off the street once they see you have been reviewed by the sort of websites they trust like Angie’s List, Kudzu and more.

2. This one requires more guts, but don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. People are much more likely to follow through if they told you personally they would do it. If you sense a customer is really satisfied with your service, tell them: “We’re trying to get the word out about our business. Could you write a review for us on [review site]? It would be a huge help!”

3. If you ship products, include a note requesting a review with your product when you mail it. I personally have received such a note and noticed the business had an unusually high number of reviews. The note said something like: “If you’re satisfied with your product, please write a review for us on [review site]. Our small business’s success depends on customer reviews!”

4. Include a link in your email signature that says, “Review us on [review site]!”

5. Request reviews via social media and your newsletter. You can circulate a request on Facebook every month or two. On Twitter, you can circulate requests more like every two weeks or so. If you have room on your newsletter, you can have a small call-out on every one you send out.

Using data from over 20 respected sources, the folks at PeopleClaim have put together the following infographic on online reviews. They were curious how many people were searching for reviews, what they were finding, and what type of decisions they were making based on this information.

Getting Your Business Reviewed

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