WordPress Is Not Just For Blogs

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More people already use WordPress to power their blog than any other blog software and most do not know that WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) too.  In reality, WordPress is an awesome tool for actually managing your website as well. When I tell people about this, they often ask me for some examples of non-blogging sites using WordPress, so I’m want to show some that really stands out.

I wanted to showcase a good selection of sites that I can point them to for several really great examples of just how flexible WordPress is. Some sites just look good. Some are examples of famous celebrities, companies, or organizations. WordPress can be used for serious projects that can go big scale, we are highlighting the most popular brands that are using WordPress.  Here are a few of the sites that inspired us. There’s no particular order here.



A video contest website from Nikonfestival.Those are 140 seconds or less videos. Powered by WordPress



Icon Dock is a project from N.Design Studio. Offer stock icons in vector and pixel format that you can quickly snap in your projects to speed up the development. Just see how the arrangement of content has been made using WordPress.



Typographica is for review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. Another awesome example of WordPress as CMS.



Creative Ad Awards is one of the best advertising archive, serving all the advertising fan and others who need it. You will feel comfortable here, because of WordPress customization.



GOOD is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward.This website is an ongoing exploration of what GOOD is and what it can be.





It’s an independent Hip Hop magazine featuring interviews and a daily news feed with underground rap videos, audio and free album downloads. An amazing use of WordPress as CMS. It makes us think that power is in the hands of developer. You just have to mold WordPress according to your needs.



You can watch the best new HD movie trailers for upcoming releases and movies in theaters. Get movie reviews and more all in super High Definition.



For preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS,Browse typographic files.




Website is for selling karts and their accessories.



A brand website for cigars and where to buy those things with events and VIP club.

Nowplaying nokia


Website for Rihanna fans all over the USA are sitting with their Nokia’s at the ready to buy tickets for the US leg of her tour.


Healogix is a global health care marketing research and consulting firm created to meet the needs of executives facing real development and marketing decisions.



Platinum games is powered by wordpress.Developed in conjunction with cnp_studio.



Featuring new designs from the hottest retailers and indie artists, tips ‘n tricks, and interviews from industry experts.


h mag

H-mag is a high-end luxury magazine for the Hoboken market.They are having blogs ,events and news section too.

Inbound pass


IOKON Media is creative collective that specializes in Digital Media and Marketing.

College crunch






Official Website of Andy Roddick, a very famous tennis star. It is also powered by WordPress.

Cornerstone Media Group

Cornerstone MEdia Group Home Page

Did we mention that our corporate site is done in WordPress!  Kind of cool isn’t it!

Our Po!nt: WordPress is no longer reserved for just social media.  It has grow from a small free software application into the sort of power house brand that becomes generational. Use WordPress for your next website makeover.

Can I Afford Streaming Video On My Website?

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The short answer is can you afford not too?  The power of video is amazing in building confidence in your company’s products and brand.  Research shows that if a person can watch a product being demonstrated live or watch a video they are 80% more likely to make a buying decision at that moment.

Over the past few years with the advances in Internet technology, streaming video that was once reserved for the companies with big budgets is now within reach of most small businesses.  Thanks in part to new Continue reading